Discipleship opportunities exist to lead people to grow as followers of Jesus Christ.


The primary way we lead our people to grow as disciples of Christ is through the major venues that support each step of Discipleship Pathway: The Worship Gathering (Life of Worship), Community Groups (Life in Community), and various local/global missional opportunities (Life on Mission). Discipleship Groups and Ministries are for Christians who want to go deeper in the Discipleship Pathway. The purpose of these Discipleship opportunities is to help believers grow as followers of Jesus Christ.


Discipleship Groups, or D-Groups, are gender specific groups of 3-5 people who meet regularly for prayer, accountability, and to discuss God’s word. D-Groups participants use a common Bible reading plan and keep a H.E.A.R. Journal, which guides their weekly discussions. Groups meet at different times of the week and in various locations.

Staff Contact: Pastor Rob Tayne

Discipleship Ministries

We have various Discipleship Ministries to help you grow in specific areas of the Christian life. For more information about any of these ministries please complete the form on the right.

Marriage Mentors

Engaged or married couples can be paired with a marriage mentoring couple for premarital, enrichment, and crisis marriage mentoring.

Expectant Parent Mentors

Couples expecting their first child can be paired with Expectant Parent Mentors who will help them to be prepared emotionally, spiritually, and practically for parenthood.

Men’s Ministry

Men’s discipleship groups, classes, and annual events to connect men from every generation, leading them to trust and follow Christ.

Women’s Ministry

Women’s discipleship groups, classes, and annual events to connect women from every generation, leading them to trust and follow Christ.

Forerunner Ministry

Engage in various events and monthly meals to cultivate community with other senior adults.


The goal of Connections is to introduce members to new people within the church and build relationships across generations. You will be paired with a different family or individual each month to meet for dinner, lunch, or coffee and get to know someone new within the church. Learn more…

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