Leading parents to teach their children to trust and follow Christ through every stage from birth through adulthood.


The Journey through Parenthood lays out a clear path to help parents lead their children through every stage from birth through adulthood.


There are 7 Stages in the journey of parenthood. The stages are based upon the age and maturity of your child(ren).

  • Nurturing Little Ones (pregnancy – toddler)
  • Laying a Foundation (2 yrs – Pre-K)
  • Buliding on the Foundation (K – 2nd Grade)
  • Preparing them for Adolescence (3rd – 5th Grade)
  • Leading them to Live as Young Adults (6th – 10th Grade)
  • Guiding the Passage to Adulthood (16 – 18 yrs. old)
  • Launching them to Adulthood (Graduation)

For each stage, we have identified core concepts to teach and moments to celebrate. Our Stages Brochure outlines these details.


The moment of salvation is something that God ultimately controls, and happens at different stages. We urge you to diligently lay a gospel foundation, pray expectantly, hope in the Lord and be patient, allowing your child to choose on their own to respond to the gospel with repentance and faith for the rest of their life.


“Motivate Your Child”
For Parents of Children 2-18

Saturday, February 20, 8:45 am-12 pm
MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church
8001 Mustang Drive in Irving
$15/adult  $25/couple

Learn Practical Tools

Teach your children how to be internally motivated, take initiative, and do what they need to do without being told. Learn practical tools for changing every day problems into learning experiences to help children develop the skills they need for the rest of their lives.

Bring the whole family

Children through 5th Grade will learn in fun and exciting ways how to add energy to family life.




8001 Mustang Drive, Irving, TX 75063
972 373 9833
Mon-Thurs: 8.00am - 5.00pm Closed Fridays