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A Living Sacrifice - Part 2

Romans 12:1-21
2017 - Non-Series Sermons
Bob Bolander
February 12, 2017

Do you realize that God has shared His personal identity with His people? He has become one with them. He has put His Spirit in them. He has given them His name. This is why you cannot love God without loving the people of God. God and His people are a package deal. Just as our love for God will result in tangible expressions of love (e.g. attending church, singing, giving, etc.), our love for God’s people will also result in expressions of love. God did not just save us and leave us by ourselves. He put us in community; He made us a part of His body. A big part of our worship to God is our service to His people.

Our Discipleship Pathway defines community this way: “Participating sacrificially in each other’s lives.” You have been called to enter in and participate in the spiritual lives of your brothers and sisters. God has equipped you for this type of community. We must overcome wrong thinking that says, “I have nothing to offer the church,” “If I engage in community, the people will reject me,” “Community just isn’t my thing,” or “I don’t need other people in my life.” God has called and equipped every believer to live in community. We must enter into the lives of our brothers and sisters and allow them to enter into our lives.

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