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Embracing the Servant Heart of Jesus

Mark 10:35-45
2016 - Non-Series Sermons
J. Josh Smith
May 22, 2016

Jesus’ exaltation was preceded by His humiliation. He was the Suffering Servant who came to earth not to be served but to serve. He walked the road of suffering, sacrifice, and service. Being a follower of Jesus Christ means walking this same road. Far too often we want the end of the road—exaltation and glory—without actually walking the road itself. We must walk the road of service; we must embrace the servant heart of Christ.

These are exciting days in the life of MacArthur Blvd. While we patiently endure the logistical inconveniences of this summer, we eagerly look forward to the opening of our new building. It is important to remember, however, that a new building does not automatically guarantee we will fulfill the assignment God has given us in this community. We cannot accomplish the work of Christ without embracing the servant heart of Christ. The church (collectively) only works when every member (individually) works. There are no insignificant members in the body of Christ. If we are to reach our community with the Gospel, if we are to raise up a new generation of Christ-followers in Valley Ranch, if we are to fulfill all God has for us here, we must all embrace the servant heart of Christ and walk the road He walked!

Humility, Servanthood, Work

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