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Encountering a Paralytic

Luke 5:17-26
The Gospel of Luke Part IV - Encountering Jesus
J. Josh Smith
March 20, 2016

Every person born in this world is in desperate need of a miracle. Unfortunately, we do not always realize how desperate we are, and even when we do recognize that we need a miracle, the miracle we want is not always the miracle we need. Typically, it requires a person to be in a moment of physical or material desperation before they recognize their need for God and turn to Him. We should take all our problems to God, but we should also recognize that our greatest problem is a spiritual problem; we are all desperate because we all need God to miraculously save us from the penalty and power of sin. The miracle we want is not always the miracle we need. In fact, sometimes God withholds the miracles we want Him to work in order to work within us the miracle we need. Praise God that He has the power to work the miracles we need Him to work and overcome the source of our greatest desperation by giving us new hearts that love Him.

Our faith bridges the gap between our need and God’s power. Faith is the means that God uses to sovereignly work to deliver us from sin. Therefore, go to God with faith and determination. Trust His character despite how desperate your situation becomes. Trust that He loves you and is working all things for His good purpose of making you like Jesus. Trust that He has not forgotten you and has not abandoned you. And do not forget to help others find the miracle-working God. We are all surrounded by people who, whether they realize it or not, are in desperate need of a miracle. Verbally proclaim the good news of our miracle-working God to the lost world around you this week. Lead others to the feet of Jesus!

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