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Encountering the Desperate

Luke 8:22:56
The Gospel of Luke Part IV - Encountering Jesus
J. Josh Smith
April 3, 2016

The disciples in the storm, the Garasene demoniac, Jairus, and the woman with a discharge of blood all had a few things in common: They were all desperate people, in a devastating circumstance, and all needed Jesus. All of us, at some point in our lives, will walk through trials that will test our faith. There is much we do not know regarding our trials and suffering. But there is a lot we do know about the character of God. As the people of God, we do not live by explanations but on promises. Our hope is not built upon our understanding of why things happen but on a God who does understand. We know that Jesus’ power is unmatched, His love unquestionable, His timing is perfect, and his purposes are good. No matter your circumstances, you can always trust Jesus!

I want to remind you that while trusting in Jesus is something we all must do at the beginning of our Christian lives, it is also something we must do continually throughout our Christian lives. We must daily choose to trust in the character of Jesus as we face trials that we do not understand. Throughout the world’s history, the people of God have been called to wait upon the Lord. Waiting is what we do. Do not resent the waiting; embrace the waiting. Remember, what God gives us in the midst of the waiting is oftentimes better than the thing for which we are waiting.

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