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Encountering the Widow at Nain

Luke 7:11-17
The Gospel of Luke Part IV - Encountering Jesus
J. Josh Smith
March 27, 2016

Jesus is the compassionate Lord. It is important to recognize that He is both compassionate and He is Lord. If He were only compassionate but not Lord, He would care for you but would be unable to help you. If He were only Lord but not compassionate, He would be able to help you but would not care enough to do so. Praise God that Jesus is both. He sees behind the scenes into your heart and feels what you feel. There is no insignificant person in the eyes of Jesus, and because He is the Lord of the world, He alone has the power to heal our broken hearts. Jesus has been anointed to heal faint spirits. The Father sent Him for this very purpose. Jesus is inviting you to Himself to receive healing for your soul.

No matter the weight of the sorrow you may be experiencing, run to Jesus for the healing of your faint spirit. While there are many places where you may run when you experience sorrow, the only One anointed with power to heal your broken heart and replace it with a spirit of gladness is Jesus. Spend time in His presence; meditate on His word; stay close to His people (the church). Run to the One who has the power to help you and who cares for you!

As you run to Jesus, don’t forget to lead others to Him also. We are surrounded by broken people and we know the One who has the power to heal their brokenness. Ask God to give you the same compassion for people as He possesses. Weep with those who weep; follow Jesus’ lead by taking time to enter into other people’s sorrow. As you do this, lovingly lead them to the One who heals the broken- hearted.

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