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Freedom, Not Fear

John 15:1-11
Conversion: How God Creates a People
Rickey Primrose
February 24, 2019

This sermon continues the series “Conversion: How God Creates a People” with a message titled “Freedom, Not Fear”. Prepare for this sermon by reading through John 15. We have looked at the “why” and “how” of conversion. We now want to consider how a converted Christian grows in the gospel. From the passage in John, reflect specifically on the vine and the branches and Jesus’ declaration that he is “the true vine”. Knowing this, how does growth occur for the Christian? Why do we pursue growth? Is it from fear of His displeasure, or gratitude for His grace? Pray that God will give Spirit power to the church as we look to grow deeper in the gospel.

Fear, Freedom, Fruit of the Spirit, Growth

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