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Have You Ever Had An I Saw the Lord Moment?

Isaiah 6:1-8
2014 - Non-Series Sermons
Aaron Colyer
January 5, 2014

Pastor Aaron Colyer leads us through Isaiah 6:1-8. What an amazing passage that magnifies the awe-inspiring nature of the holy God we serve! Why do you think Isaiah is so aware of his ‘uncleanness’ in verse 5, and what does this say about the importance of us growing in our understanding of God’s incomprehensible nature? How are God’s holiness and grace seen in this passage? If Isaiah is so eager to serve the God he encountered in this passage in verse 8, what does this tell us about a potential reason we are complacent in our service to Him today?

Holiness, Humility, Purity, Servanthood

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