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Holiness: God's Will For Your Life

1 Peter 1:13-21
Living as Chosen Exiles
Rickey Primrose
July 15, 2018

Have you ever wanted a simple explanation of what God expects of us as His people living in a fallen world? Peter sums up God’s will for our lives as chosen exiles with the command: “Be holy in all your conduct.” The rest of 1 Peter will provide additional instruction on how this fleshes itself out in various relationships, but the summation of it all is simply to be holy. Holiness sums up God’s will for your life.

Holiness is being separated from sin and devoted to God. This world is fallen and corrupt. Holiness is living set apart from the corrupted ways of this world so that you can be devoted wholly unto the Lord. Remember, it is possible to be separated from sin (i.e. possess moral conduct) and yet not be devoted to God. Biblical holiness requires both.

You must be careful to avoid legalism in the pursuit of holiness. Holiness works FROM grace not FOR grace. We do not pursue holiness so that we’ll feel more confident and less ashamed of ourselves. We pursue holiness because God has graciously acquitted us of all sin and clothed us in the righteousness of Christ. We live holy lives not to earn God’s favor but because we’ve received God’s favor. Ten years from now, when your life is holier than it is today, God will not love you any more than He loves you right now because He loves you now with a perfect love. You’ve been called as a child of God! So, be holy.

Christ, Fear of God, Holiness, Hope

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