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Joy on the Journey

Psalm 84
2019 - Non-Series Sermons
Bob Bolander
October 6, 2019

This week Pastor Bob Bolander will be bringing us a sermon from Psalm 84 titled “Joy on the Journey.” Psalm 84 is a prayer of earnest longing for the house of God, but most of all, for God himself. Take time this week to read all twelve verses of Psalm 84 multiple times. As you read take note of the desire of the author. What would you say is his consuming desire? What are some of the illustrations the psalmist uses to demonstrate his longing to be in the worship of God? What does God do for his people according to this Psalm? Consider the illustration of the “tents of wickedness.” What would dwelling in these tents look like for somebody living in our day? Do you long to be in the worship of God this week?


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