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Kingdom Ambition, Part 1

Matthew 6:25-34
The Way of the Kingdom Part 3
J. Josh Smith
October 20, 2013

God created us with an innate desire for greatness. We are ambitious people who serve an ambitious God. Satan attempts either to squelch or pervert this ambition God has given us.

Kingdom ambition is undivided allegiance to the King. It is characterized by a supreme love, devotion, and service to our Master. Possessing kingdom ambition does not require perfection in these characteristics, but a desire for them more than anything else.

Kingdom ambition is unhindered focus on the kingdom. The kingdom is both a present reality and a future hope. When demonic strongholds are torn down, lives are surrendered to Christ, sicknesses are healed, and relationships are restored, this is the kingdom of God present on earth. But we still await the fullness of His kingdom. We are to seek it and long for more of it daily. For the kingdom to come in and through your life, you must live in the fullness of the Spirit of God.

Ambition, Kingdom

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