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Love One Another

John 13:31-35
Love One Another
J. Josh Smith
January 15, 2017

One of the primary ways the world will be drawn to Christ is by seeing the love of Christ’s family, the church. The church is the stage where the love of Christ is played out. It’s no wonder that Jesus, in His final discourse, made loving one another such a point of emphasis. In John 13:34, Jesus calls us to the next level in the area of love. He calls us to a higher standard of love. More than merely loving others “as ourselves,” we must love others “as Christ loved us.” He calls us to a greater quality of love. Our love must be unconditional, eternally committed, sacrificial, active, and willing to give ourselves, rather than merely giving our stuff. Even the object of love is more focused in John 13. We must continue to love our “neighbor” (i.e. every person created in the image of God), but we must especially focus on loving “one another.” Why? “Because it is our love for one another that compels people toward the kingdom.”

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