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Mission Possible

1 Peter 2:11-12
Living as Chosen Exiles
Bob Bolander
August 19, 2018

God HAS visited this world (in the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ), IS visiting this world (as He moves on people’s hearts by the Holy Spirit), and WILL visit this world again (when Christ returns). We are exiles in this world, living in a place that is not our home. We are also “sojourners” here as well—we live here for a particular purpose and mission. Our mission is to live in a way that points the people of this world to the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may be prepared to glorify Him when He visits them, by His Spirit in this life, and ultimately when He visits on the day of Christ’s return.

Our strategy for this mission is both defensive and offensive.

Defensively, we must abstain from sinful desires. This is not just a call to avoid sin, though it includes that, it is a call to protect your heart and mind from becoming so consumed with the desires of your flesh that you are rendered impotent in the mission of God. If you are controlled by the flesh, you cannot be controlled by the Spirit to fulfill your mission.

Offensively, we must live with honorable conduct and good deeds—lives that point people to the Gospel rather than deter people from it. While it is true that no one will be saved simply by watching the conduct of our lives, it is also true that our conduct will either support and adorn our message or contradict it.

The conduct of your life is saying something to the world around you about the God you serve. The question we all must wrestle with is what does my life say about the Christ whom I profess to follow? Does my life point people to the kingdom of God or deter people from it? Does it compel people to give glory to God or reinforce a mindset that we should live for this world and this life?

We must not isolate ourselves from this world. We must engage this world into which we’ve been sent. But as we engage this world, we must keep careful watch that we don’t become consumed with the desires of the flesh and that we display lifestyles that lead people to give glory to God. This is our mission.

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