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Not Just to It, but Through It

Exodus 14
Transitions: There is Joy in the Journey
Richard Taylor
January 21, 2018

We will face obstacles and opposition in life. The presence of opposition does not mean that you are going the wrong direction. As God leads us, He will bring us to our own “Red Sea moments,” where He leads us into a dire situation that appears insurmountable. It is in these situations that we truly experience the power, promises, and presence of God. Rather than simply remove the obstacle or opposition in our life, God gets into the dire situation with us. He saves us in the midst of our enemies. He fights on our behalf. You can be confident that if God has brought you to a situation, He will bring you through it!

God is faithful! He leads us. He fights for us. He saved us and is saving us. There will be obstacles in this transition, but we can be certain that God will bring us through it.

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