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Parents and the Supremacy of King Jesus

Psalm 110
Parents and the Supremacy of King Jesus
Dr. Richard Ross
October 22, 2017

Generally speaking, the children that parents produce are a reflection of themselves. Followers of Jesus more often than not produce children who follow Jesus. Lost parents more often than not produce lost children. Parents whose religion is based primarily on the advantages it affords them typically produce children who live like the lost world where they live. God has given MacArthur Blvd a specific assignment to reach the next generation of our community. This is an assignment that involves every member of our church. The three challenges Dr. Ross gave us last Sunday are vital in our ability to accomplish this assignment.

First, we must experience an awakening to who Christ is. He is no longer a baby in a manger or a crucified carpenter; He is the King of kings by whom and for whom we have been saved. Second, we must be transparent about our awakening. There is no biblical category for an anonymous disciple of Christ. Our faith in Christ must be shared with the next generation in our homes, the church, and the community. A hidden faith cannot impact a home or society. Finally, we must partner together to see the next generation look like Jesus. The local church must possess a central place in our homes and be given the priority it deserves in our lives. Disciple making is a community project, and this certainly applies to making disciples of the next generation.

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