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Prayer: Heart Cry for Dependence

Matthew 6:11-15
Prayer Sub Series
J. Josh Smith
September 29, 2013

We look at the last half of the Lord’s Prayer as Pastor Josh delivers the last of three messages on prayer from the Sermon on the Mount. Thus far we have seen that prayer is a heart cry for God and a heart cry for missions. Finally, we will see that prayer is a heart cry for provision by looking at Matthew 6:11-15. It is not wrong for us to pray for ourselves! Jesus wants us to start our prayers focused on God’s glory and reign because this is what God is focused on in the world. But He also wants us to feel the freedom to make our daily needs known to our Father. This demonstrates humility; it is an acknowledgement that we need God. It is a proclamation that we believe He is able and willing to meet our needs. As children of God we do not trust ourselves or the things of this world for provision; we trust our Father.

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