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Ruth 2:1-2
The Book of Ruth
J. Josh Smith
May 11, 2014

One of the amazing things about the book of Ruth is that the main character running throughout the narrative is often not explicitly mentioned by name. This is certainly the case for the beginning of chapter two. Can you see how the author is shining the spotlight on the providence of God without explicitly mentioning His name in these verses? What are the chances that Ruth would just “happen” to glean in the field of what appears to be the only Godly man left in Bethlehem at that time, and she just “happens” to do this on a day that he is in town! The author is trying to make one point abundantly clear: The greatest force in your life is the unseen force. Our God is a God of providence, and throughout our lives He works ‘behind the scenes’ orchestrating the events of our lives—all to fulfill His perfect and good plan.

Authority, Endurance, Obedience, Redemption, Sovereignty

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