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Heart Cry for Leadership, 2

Part 2, Psalm 25
Psalms - A Heart Cry to God
J. Josh Smith
September 11, 2016

Those who allow the Lord to lead enjoy the Lord’s leadership. If we are not willing to release control of our lives and surrender ourselves fully to Him, we cannot expect to enjoy all the benefits of having Him as our leader. What are those benefits? Those who allow the Lord to lead know the Lord’s way. It is not that they always hear an audible voice from Heaven telling them which choice to make in every big decision. This is not how the will of God works. Those who are following God experience the way of God. Their focus is not on a dream they want to obtain or a destination in life where they want to arrive. Their focus is on the One who is journeying with them along the way. Their intimacy with God ensures them that they are where the Lord wants them to be.

Those who allow the Lord to lead also enjoy the Lord’s blessing, which is the Lord Himself. They hear the Lord’s secrets because those who are more fully surrendered to God enjoy more intimate fellowship with Him. Those following the Lord’s lead receive the Lord’s help. It’s not that those surrendered to God won’t have problems, they will, but God will always deliver those who are looking to Him.

The thought of releasing control of your life can be terrifying. However, being in a place where God is in control is a very peaceful place to be. You never have to fear making a wrong decision and missing what God has for you. You don’t have to fear being dissatisfied with life. You don’t have to fear being alone. You don’t have to fear not receiving help when God is leading the way. When you allow God to lead, He shows you His way, satisfies your soul, gives you Himself, and always provides help. Who is leading your life on a daily basis? Surrender to God whatever you may be holding back from Him today. You will not be disappointed!

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