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Removing Our Shame

Joshua 5:1-12
Joshua: Seizing the Promises of God
Rickey Primrose
June 2, 2019

This sermon continues the series through the book of Joshua called, “Seizing the Promises of God”. This week we will be looking at Joshua chapter 5:1-12 with a sermon titled, “Removing Our Shame.” In preparation read through the last half of Joshua 4 and all of Joshua Chapter 5 for the full context of verses 1-12 this week. Now that the Israelites have passed over the Jordan, what is the covenantal imperative that happens according to the text? Based on Joshua 5:9 how would you explain the purpose of circumcision for Israel? What are the implications of circumcision for the New Testament Christian? How does this point to Christ? What is the Passover event, and why did the Lord want them to remember it? How does this passage lead you to praise God, repent of sin, and trust in his gracious promises?

Redemption, Sin, Shame, Covenant

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