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Serving with the Right Ambition

Mark 10:35-45
2018 - Non-Series Sermons
Darrin Mechling
May 6, 2018

There is nothing wrong with having ambition for greatness. We just all need to be clear on how we define “greatness” and why we want to achieve it. In Mark 10:32-45 we see Jesus leading the way with the disciples on His last walk to Jerusalem. Jesus is prepared to fulfill God’s purpose for all mankind. He is determined to face the cross and wanting to prepare the disciples for what awaits them in Jerusalem.

In Jesus’ third meeting with the disciples about His upcoming death, James and John come to Jesus with this strange request. They believe that Jesus is about to free Israel and set up His own earthly kingdom. It ‘s obvious that the disciples have not been listening to Jesus because their desire is to plan for their own future.

With such an unusual request coming from the disciples, Christ brings them together, listens, and then challenges all the disciples to channel their ambition in a Godly way. Jesus says that God’s definition for greatness is different than the world’s definition. Jesus’ secret to greatness is “service,” and He communicates and models that in Mark 10:45.

Ambition, Determination, Greatness, Servanthood

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