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The Aftermath of Hidden Sin

Joshua 7
Joshua: Seizing the Promises of God
Rickey Primrose
June 23, 2019

Continuing our series through the book of Joshua called, “Seizing the Promises of God.” This sermon looks at Joshua 7 with a sermon titled, “The Aftermath of Hidden Sin.” In preparation read Joshua 7 this week. This text is about the impact of hidden sin. What were the ripple effects of Achan’s sin? Who was impacted? Is sin and the consequences of sin strictly something between God and us, or is there more to it? What does this text tell you about what God is like?
That we as Christians believe that God is personal means that at the very least, we ought to ask personal questions every time we open up the text. Here are two: 1) Why me – Why show me this text? What do you want to reveal to me?
2) Why now – Why show me this text now? What do you want to reveal to me at this time, in this season?

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