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The Battle for the Next Generation

Psalm 78:1-8
Extending Eden
J. Josh Smith / Shawn Thrasher
August 23, 2015

Psalm 78 shows God’s passion and plan for the next generation. God creates each new generation; He loves the next generation, and He has a plan to advance His kingdom through the next generation. As a church we must embrace God’s passion and plan for the next generation. It is human nature to be consumed with ourselves, to focus only on our needs, preferences, and desires. God is calling us as a church to die to ourselves and to focus our attention on telling the next generation the glorious deeds of the Lord. We must bring our ambitions in line with God’s ambitions.

Every single member of MBBC can and must be engaged in some type of next generation ministry, regardless of your age or season of life. We must fight against abortion and pray against organizations such as Planned Parenthood, that the enemy uses to destroy the next generation. For those who have children, you must be faithful in your assignment to lead your children to trust and follow Jesus Christ. We need church members who are willing to be spiritual fathers and mothers to young boys and girls in our community who have no parents. This can be done through our family ministries here at MBBC or through our partnership with Barbra Bush Middle School. We need the older generation to come alongside young parents to equip, encourage, and invest in them as they strive to rear up children who fear God. In response to yesterday’s message, consider what God has given you (e.g. gifts, experiences, time, resources, etc.) and consider how you can steward it all to tell the next generation of the glorious deeds of the Lord. We will tell!

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