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The Call to Moriah

Genesis 22:1-19
2014 - Non-Series Sermons
Rickey Primrose
April 6, 2014

Jehovah-jireh is one of God’s most popular names. It literally means “God sees” but is typically translated “God will provide.” Just as a faithful mother will provide for her family by “seeing” to the needs of the household, so God provides for His people by “seeing” to their needs. The names of God reveal His character. The God we serve is a “seeing” God; a God who always provides.

We examine the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22:1-19. This passage is both gut wrenching and awe inspiring. It addresses for us two crucial questions in life. First, why does God take us through circumstances that stretch us to our limit and elude our understanding? Second, on what basis does God provide blessing?

Blessing, Need, Provide, Provider, Sacrifice

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