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The Joy of God's Goodness

Psalm 34
Christmas - Psalms of Gladness
J. Josh Smith
December 18, 2016

Those who choose to satisfy their cravings with God will be satisfied by God. Can you give a personal testimony of a time when you definitively experienced God’s goodness? We are invited to taste of the Lord to see that He is good. Tasting is a word of personal experience. The invitation is not merely to read, believe, and affirm a description about God, but to personally experience His goodness. “To taste of the Lord” means choosing to satisfy the cravings of your heart with God. We all crave goodness; tasting of the Lord is choosing to satisfy those cravings with God rather than the world. Tasting is not snacking and sampling of the Lord but rather is feasting on Him.

We taste of the Lord by running toward Him and running away from sin. Tasting is a personal action of running hard after God as well as a daily decision not to feast upon the world. You cannot feast on the world and expect to be satisfied by God. The degree to which you taste of the Lord will be the degree to which you are satisfied with His goodness. Those who taste of Him find Him good.


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