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The Path to Victory

1 Peter 3:18-22
Living as Chosen Exiles
Rickey Primrose
October 14, 2018

Suffering is the path to victory.You don’t need to look any further than Christ Himself to see this truth. Jesus lived a life of suffering—a life that resulted in the ultimate suffering of death. This path of suffering led Jesus to a victorious resurrection where He proclaimed triumph over the demonic forces of this world.

We who are united to Christ will follow His path to victory. When we repented and entrusted our lives to Christ, we embraced His life as our own. We identified ourselves with His resurrection as well as His death. We committed ourselves to walk the path He walked, which was a path marked by suffering. This is displayed in our baptism: We’ve become one with Christ. We’ve embraced His life. We’ve identified with His death and resurrection.

Peter wants us to know that God has willed that the kingdom be received through suffering.If you are in Christ, you are victorious. There is nothing but glory, inheritance, triumph, and victory laid up for you. The fullness of that victory, however, must be received by walking the pathway of suffering. Suffering is the path to victory.

So, every time you suffer, let it be a reminder to you that victory is yours. What affliction are you experiencing today? What trial are you walking through this week? How are you suffering in this season of life? Whatever the trial is, do not be discouraged or defeated by it. Rather, be reminded that you are on the path that leads to victory. Victory is yours!

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