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Two Houses: The Necessity of Obedience

Matthew 7:24-27
The Way of the Kingdom Part 4
J. Josh Smith
March 23, 2014

This coming Sunday we will examine the last passage in the Sermon on the Mount! In this passage (Matthew 7:24-27) Jesus provides one final invitation. According to Jesus, there are two ways to respond to His sermon about the way of the kingdom. One of these responses will result in a life that falls apart at the seams and ends in destruction. The other response will result in a life that is able to endure and withstand every storm life brings. Prepare for Sunday by prayerfully reading this passage. What does the proper response to this message look like according to Jesus? How does a wise man build his life? How can you make sure your life will endure to the end? Ask God to expose any “sandy” foundations in your life.

Endurance, Grace, Kingdom, Obedience, Wisdom

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