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Victors, Not Victims

1 Peter 2:18-25
Living as Chosen Exiles
Rickey Primrose
September 9, 2018

Life isn’t fair. As the people of God, we will suffer unjustly during our time of exile on earth. When we do, we can respond one of two ways—as victors or as victims. The mindset of a victim produces self-centered discouragement, a defeated spirit, and a vengeful heart. The mindset of a victor produces joy, hope, peace, and a freedom from retaliation. Victors endure unjust suffering.

We respond as victors when we are treated unfairly because we are not defined by our afflictions and trials. Instead, our identity is grounded in an empty tomb, a risen Lord, and future hope. If you are in Christ, then regardless of how people treat you in this world, you are a victor.

Endurance, Justice, Submission, Suffering, Victory

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