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What's Wrong with the Church?

Acts 2:42-47
2018 - Non-Series Sermons
Dr. Kyle Walker
January 14, 2018

In order to witness effectively on the outside, we must be devoted to the right elements on the inside. We want to be more faithful leading people to Christ outside our church, but in order to do this, we must make sure that we possess right devotions within our church family. Acts 2:42 gives four key elements to which the church must be devoted:

The Word of God: The word of God creates and sustains life. Like water, it hydrates our soul. We must be devoted to the word of God.

Our Identity in Christ: Our relationship with each other is grounded in our union to God in Christ. Our oneness as a body is deeper than earthly realities. We must be devoted to embracing our shared identity in Christ.

Christ-centered Community: The church should be a place marked by togetherness, made up of people who share their lives and open their homes to one another. We must be devoted to living in Christian community.

Prayer: Prayer is the engine room of the church—when it stops, the church is rendered ineffective. Everything we want to see accomplished in and through our church depends upon prayer. We must be devoted to prayer.

We deceive ourselves when we think we can just decide to flip a switch and automatically become more effective in leading people to Christ. Instead, we must evaluate the devotion of our hearts. Are we devoted to right things on the inside so that we can accomplish our mission on the outside?


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