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When There's No Way Forward

Joshua 3
Joshua: Seizing the Promises of God
Rickey Primrose
May 19, 2019

This week continuing our series walking through the book of Joshua, we will be looking at Joshua 3. Take time this week to read through all of Joshua Chapter 3. On a human level, passing over the Jordan is impossible. Both the waters and what is on the other side present a grave threat to Israel’s life. What are some of the features you notice in this chapter that add a sense of the impossibility? What is the ark’s function in this episode? At one level, God’s purpose in performing this miracle is to move his people into the land. Is there an indication that God has a more significant purpose? How does this passage lead you to praise God and trust in his gracious promises? Take time this week to reflect on the implications of this third chapter of Joshua for your life.

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