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When You Need Zeal

Revelation 3:14-22
When the Church Sees Her King
Rickey Primrose
August 31, 2014

This Sunday we come to the last of the seven letters Christ wrote to the seven churches in Asia Minor. In Revelation 3:14-22 Christ addresses the infamous church in Laodicea. Unfortunately, there has been some misunderstanding about the meaning of “lukewarm” Christianity. A lukewarm Christian is a believer who has nothing to offer spiritually to those around him or even to his own soul. Lukewarm Christians have nothing to offer because they have not been zealous in cultivating their own hearts and walking with Christ. The problem in
Laodicea is spiritual complacency.

The root issue behind the spiritual complacency in Laodicea was an attitude of self-reliance. When you think you have everything you need for life in yourself, you are complacent in your pursuit of Christ. Fortunately, Christ is not complacent in His pursuit of the spiritually complacent. The end of this letter paints an amazing scene of our Lord seeking to reenter and take control of a church that had long since excommunicated Him. Who are you relying on? Are
you zealously pursuing Christ? When the church needs zeal, she must see the One who alone has everything she needs.

Contentment, Selfishness

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