We offer classes on Sunday mornings to equip you to live a Life of Worship, a Life in Community & a Life on Mission!

Current Classes (January 1 – February 19)
Our Equipping Classes take place at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. No registration is required, and we invite you to jump in at any time!

Christian Beliefs (Gospel Foundations in B203)

Biblical Manhood: Kingdom Men Rising (Gospel Living in C201): Men are invited to join a video-driven discussion based on Tony Evan’s Kingdom Men Rising.

Biblical Womanhood: Kingdom Woman (Gospel Living in B201): Women are invited to join a discussion based on Chrystal Evans Hurst’s book Kingdom Woman.

Videos and handouts from our 12-week Disciple Maker Training class are available on our Vimeo channel. There are also printed copies of the class handouts available at the church bookstore stand. You can email Laura Oliver @ loliver@mbbcirving.org with any questions about printed copies.

2022-2023 Equipping Class Schedule

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