Preparing for and Responding to Worship is now published as an article on the website here.

Articles are posted on Wednesdays and are intended to help you make the most of corporate worship. Each article includes three important pieces:

Preparing for Worship

The Bible passage(s) to be preached the coming Sunday are offered for individuals and families to prayerfully read through and prepare themselves to hear God’s word.

Responding to Worship

This section is to be reviewed after the Sunday sermon. It is a series of “Truth and Response” questions that are prayerfully and thoughtfully prepared to help you apply the sermon to your life.

Family Worship

A link is provided to resources for families that encourage discussion about the Lord.

What is the purpose of the article?

To cultivate the spiritual disciplines of hearing God’s word.

The way to get the most benefit from Sunday morning is to come prepared for it. We provide you with the text for the day, the songs for the day, and information on the service as a whole. This allows you to prayerfully prepare for our moments together.

To cultivate the spiritual discipline of responding to God’s Word.

God clearly warns us to be doers of the Word and not just hearers. The “Truth and Response” questions will help you take the truths taught on Sunday morning and apply them to your life. They will stimulate you to meditate upon God’s Word and force you to ask yourself the difficult questions associated with them.

To cultivate the discipline of family worship.

We believe that the primary place for spiritual formation is in the home. For that reason we provide a detailed lesson that relates to Sunday’s sermon for families to work through together.

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