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The Cost of Following

Luke 14:25-35
The Gospel of Luke Part V - Following Jesus
Rickey Primrose
August 7, 2016

Jesus does not come with a free trial period. Discipleship is not a ‘no obligation offer.’ Because of this, few people choose to commit their lives long term. There are a lot of people who associate themselves with Jesus, who are fascinated by His teaching and ministry, but ultimately fail to trust Him completely with their lives. Not all in His company are in His kingdom.

So, how do you know who true disciples are? Luke 14:25-35 gives us three marks of a true disciple: True disciples love Jesus supremely, count the costs deliberately, and endure to the end. True disciples love Jesus more than anything else and remain committed to Him regardless of what it might cost them. Their choice to follow Jesus is more than an emotional reaction to a stirring message, it is a choice they make whereby they understand the costs and commit to live with Jesus as their Lord. The commitment and faith of a true disciple endures to the end because God preserves them to the end. Those who fall away prove that they were never true disciples in the first place.

As you live a life on mission, make sure you are making true disciples by proclaiming the true Gospel. Our goal is not to lead people to an emotional response but to lead people to Jesus as Lord. There are likely people in your life who have a profession of faith but who do not bear any of the marks of a true disciple. Ask God to give you wisdom, courage, and opportunities to have difficult conversations with these people, expressing your concern for them. Proclaim the true Gospel with love and grace as we seek to make true disciples of our Lord and Savior together!

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